SALEX BUL Ltd. was established in 2008 in the city of Varna. Its principal business activity is the import and sale of all types of salt. SALEX BUL OOD is the exclusive agent for the Bulgarian market regarding the import and distribution of all types of salt from Egypt, one of the largest salt producers worldwide.


  The company is also the representative and the exclusive importer of vacuum evaporated salt from SOLANA DD TUZLA: a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina with traditions in the extraction and production of salt since 1885.


  SALEX BUL Ltd. sells annually more than 100,000 tonnes of salt nationally as well as in several other countries, including from the European Union. The company's market share exceeds 70%.


  SALEX BUL Ltd. delivers more than 30,000 tonnes of sea salt for processing to its affiliated company SALEX GROUP Ltd. - Karnobat. This is the only state-of-the-art plant in Bulgaria for processing and packaging all types of edible salt.


  Our many years of experience have been the key factor in helping our firm establish itself as the leader in the trade of sea salt for the de-icing of roads and salt for human consumption in wholesale packaging.

salexbul - salt
salexbul - salt
  • salexbul - salt
  • salexbul - salt
  • salexbul - salt


  • bul. Chataldzha 20, entrance Б, 1st floor, office 10
  • Varna
  • To contact us:
  • Tel.: 052 314 321; 052 953 321
  • Fax. 052 314 321
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  • Contact persons:
  • Russanka Petrova – 0888 /922 199
  • Kaloyan Stoyanov – 0886 /644 674