Sea salt to de-ice roads in winter conditions


  The salt is the best method of fighting against the snow and ice in winter to maintain the safety and passability of roads.

  The advantages of using sea salt for the maintenance of roads in icy and snow conditions are as follows:


 - it is not toxic;

 - it does not harm people and animals;

 - it does not have a negative impact on the environment;

 - it is easy to scatter;

 - it`s price is low.


  The sea salt we offer to be used for de-icing of roads in winter conditions is imported from Egypt. SALEX BUL Ltd. is a general agent for the Bulgarian market of the largest and prominent producers and traders of salt in Egypt with annual extraction capacity over 3 million t. We can deliver sea salt for de-icing of roads with different characteristics in terms of particle size, chemical composition and the addition of anti-caking agents.



  We always have stocks available in storage at the ports of Burgas and Varna as well as in the warehouses in the town of Karnobat and in the capital of Sofia, sufficient to cover the needs of all customers in the country.


  Principally, we deliver to a warehouse of the customer using vehicles leased by us. We rely on the services of one of the largest transportation companies worldwide having at its disposal more than 100 vehicles for the transportation of both packed and unpacked salt. Salex Bul OOD supplies sea salt for road maintenance in winter conditions to several countries, including members of the European Union.


Types and Specification:

  The most frequently used types of salt for road maintenance in snow and icy conditions:


Type 1 – sea salt for road maintenance in winter conditions

Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

96 ÷ 97 %


max 2.0 %

Particle size

  • through a 4.75 mm sieve
  • through a 0.16 mm sieve


100 %

≤ 5 %


White to whitish grey



Type 2 – sea salt for road maintenance in winter conditions, sifted with anti-caking agent

Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

97 ÷ 98 %


max 2.0 %

Particle size: 1 ÷ 4 mm

100 %



Anti-caking agent

20 ÷200 mg/kg



  In bulk, 1 tonne big bags, in 25 kg and 50 kg bags.


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